Organizing for Social Change 4th Edition

Midwest Academy Manual for Activists
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People power can still trump the power of big money. This book will tell you how to organize that power.
—Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Great book, recently updated. Clear, detailed and practical guide to the many dimensions of community organizing, from planning to volunteer recruitment, fundraising, actions and much more. My students liked the book, and those with activist ambitions kept it. Thanks to The Forum Press for publishing and promoting this valuable tool for grassroots democracy!
—Paul Lachelier, Founder, Learning Life, Sociologist PhD, Stetson University

In the hands of young organizers, this book has helped to build strategic campaigns, provide best practices and develop the next generation of leaders.
—Gregory Cendana, President 2009-10, United States Student Association (USSA)

Organizing for Social Change 4th Edition is required reading for anyone who thinks regular folks (not politicians, officials, or other self-anointed saviors) must be the engine for social change.
—Joel Davison Harden, Registrar, Labour College of Canada

Compiled by members of the Midwest Academy this book is a bible for anyone who wants to effectively organize to change the quality of their lives or the lives of others. This book has been an ideal work book for social movement groups for over a decade.With new information on the trends, technology, and concerns of the new millennium, this edition of Organizing for Social Change will help concerned citizens bring about needed changes by learning from the experiences of those who have succeeded. —Everyday Citizen

This is a compendium of powerful tools and information for grass-roots citizens' groups from leaders at the Midwest Academy, which has been training people in direct action organizing for social change since 1973. Efficiently and lucidly organized, the book should be an invaluable manual for individuals seeking to achieve justice and control over their lives through effective social and political group cooperation. There are excellent sections on outside resources, and the words for almost two dozen theme-related songs provide almost a touch of levity in this cogent, comprehensive work. Highly recommended for academic and public library acquisition.—Suzanne W. Wood, SUNY College of Technology

Organizing for Social Change is a fantastic primer to leading change in a community or organization. It is a rich resource with more helpful insights and instructions than most books of its type. However, having myself worked with groups seeking deep or systemic change, it is light on the leadership dynamics that make such change possible. It assumes a high level of competency and proficiency in a number of areas, and the simple fact is that people need time and guidance to become comfortable leading change. A fantastic companion volume to this book would be Donelson Forsyth's, Group Dynamics. Together, these two books cover the full scope of personnel and process issues required for effective social change. —Dan R. Dick

Before you organize, empower your mind! In an age when one is quick to act, our causes often loss energy, no matter how important the issues at hand are. Be prepared and be ready for the changes that need to be made. Read this once or twice and always keep it handy. I often review it after meetings or when I need to think of a way to empower the people. —Jeff McCabe

This book is based on the organizing model of the Midwest Center for Labor research, but could be useful in any type of organizing--from citizen's groups to national policy campaigns. The book takes you through a step-by-step organizing model that helps you to define your goals, choose an issue and think of strategies and tactics for accomplishing your goals. It contains many worksheets that would be useful for group decision-making processes. Unlike most organizing manuals, this one is clear, concise, and very helpful!—Amazon Reviewer

From strategy development to research impementation, this book shows you how to do it!
Edward Rothstein